I'm awesome.

Not only did I sleep late yesterday, causing me to miss my German proctor class, but I slept late again today, waking up at almost exactly the same time. 10.46.

Today was not so cool, though, because I had a physics exam that started at 10.30. Yeah.

So I rushed to get ready and headed out on my bike, cursing myself for staying up late and wondering how I was going to rush through this exam and still get some semblance of a good grade. I ran in with 20 minutes to go. The professor handed me a copy of the exam, looking worried for me, and said I could stay late and get the time I missed to work on the exam in his office. This was very relieving.

The professor actually was very sympathetic. After the class period was over and everybody else had turned in their exams, we took the elevator together up to his office. I broke the awkward silence, saying that I couldn't believe I had slept in and that it's such an awful feeling when you look at the clock and realize you're late. He came back with a story about how he was supposed to proctor a really important exam for grad students one year, but he had had a visitor from out-of-town the night before, and they had gone out to Pioneer Square. He slept in by accident, and awoke to a massive hangover and urgent messages on his answering machine. He got there late, and had to suffer 4 hours without aspirin as people yelled at him for not being there on time.

So that was a bonding moment, and it turns out that my professor, while being a horrible lecturer, is a cute, nerdy old science guy with a social life.

But I still did badly on the exam, on account of being half-awake, having had no breakfast or coffee, and being rushed to finish the exam. Yeah, so we'll see how that one turns out.

Rest of the day looks better: just have to finish a summary of an article, go to my last class, start studying for my midterm on Monday, go to a review session later on, and then have a little bit of fun this evening at the Senate show and the parties afterwards. Gotta unwind, because after tonight, it's power-through until next Thursday...
There is no way I will not be using this.


I'm still alive!