girriffic666: im excited
girriffic666: a real job!
girriffic666: so far ive been all about the volunteer bullsh*t
girriffic666: and the very short term jobs (one day as an extra)
KillahKyla: haha
KillahKyla: yeah that's no good
girriffic666: also
girriffic666: its a symbolic step towards independence
girriffic666: something im mos def craving what w/ my heinous b*tch of a mother
KillahKyla: haha... how weird
girriffic666: yup
KillahKyla: last year it was all about hating your dad
KillahKyla: and now this year...
KillahKyla: it's mom
girriffic666: it IS funny how that sh*t happens huh?
girriffic666: i think ive come to realize that its bad to decide u hate just one
girriffic666: they're both my parents
girriffic666: i hsould hate them both
girriffic666: PLUS dad's gotten way better about the gayness
girriffic666: that was the big issue last year w/ him
KillahKyla: hahaha, i should quote you on that
KillahKyla: i think I will
girriffic666: YAY
girriffic666: i love makin' the quotes!!!
KillahKyla: :-)
girriffic666: *sigh
girriffic666: im a proud panda
when's the last time I had a deep, soul-searching, honest, REAL conversation with someone?

I want to have one again. Maybe this weekend. I'm going on a wonderful hike to the Olympics. Should be fantastic...

I'm tired, and I still have hours of work ahead. I don't know how I am going to do this. Really. Seriously.

Oy vey.


BlakMetalKrieg: a day without you may as well be an eternity...
BlakMetalKrieg: :-D


I hate my lack of ethnicity. All my babies are going to be at least a quarter SOMETHING. Preferrably half. Mixed race babies have a higher chance of being beautiful, wouldn't you agree? I refuse to let them all be 1/8 German, 1/16 Irish, 1/16 Scottish, 1/4 French Canadian, and 1/2 other assorted whiteness, like me... actually, that probably won't happen, seeing as how I'd have to marry somebody with the same mix of inheritance as me. NOT a good idea!

"It's the first rule of genetics, spread the genes apart!" -Eddie Izzard

Time to do my lab write up somewhere where I won't be so distracted... I think I know where I'm gonna do it, too... the same place where I'm going to go get chai...


is there anything wrong with not wanting to do this anymore?

thanks to kyle for being the first to post comments on my blog. you get a treat or something. What do you think about Cadbury Creme Egg Omelettes?

My plan today was to go to Starbucks, drink coffee and work on math homework. Doesn't look like that's going to happen now. Why do Sundays always make me lazy? I guess I can just stay in McCarty and do homework, or go to the library. Doesn't seem like very much fun, though...

I need to read Chapter 12 for o-chem.