snowshoeing at steven's pass today = awesome.

me = really ridiculously tired.

group meetings for school at the library on a Saturday night = dumb.

my motivation to do our work = low.

party tonight at brittany's = good, if I'm not completely useless in a few hours.


"You're good at stating things that are true."

(title provided by Jeff on 1/22)

- Today was beautiful.
- I didn't smell good today. All I could think about during work was how nice a shower was going to be.
- My sister and Andrea are awesome people.
- Physics sucks.
- Gotta get back to Germany soon.
- Cold Franziskaner Hefeweizen is outstanding.
- I've been going going going for days now. Tomorrow I get the whole day to myself.
- I should have been in bed two hours ago.
- I'm going snowshoeing for the first time ever on Saturday.
- There is never enough time to reflect.

Check out the following video from MTV Belgium. Look for Sara and Andrea around minute 1.40:


Ridiculous, I know...

...but I think I might drop physics, and take it again next quarter.

Why? Well, with the way things are going, I don't think I'll get a good grade. At all. Because I don't understand the material.

I'll stick it out until the end of the week, or until I get my midterm grade back. That will probably be the deciding factor.

Besides, if I drop physics, I'll have more time to concentrate on my other classes. And time is just what I need, because I understand those classes, and putting just a little more time into each of them will help me boost my GPA this quarter.

Alright, time to go read some German, and do other homework.


Found on top of a computer at the library:

"tomorrow morning
tape David's
eyelids shut &
mouth open
(jaw down).

n - 1/8 roll tape
e - strength } 8/10
e -cruelty
d "