You are gazing into the pixels of moral decay.


today was good. I need to get out of the habit of waking up at 2 pm, else i'm not going to be able to survive school.

Jeff and I are about to leave for Greek food for dinner. Actually, that sounds a lot better than blogging right now, so I'm gone. Bye!


corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior!
Also, as an update: I posted links to two new blogs. Ashley and Tina. Check it out.
My internet's finally being fast, for once!!! That means I've been on Facebook for about 45 minutes now. I should really be in the kitchen cleaning up the mess from last night. My floor decided to have an international dinner before the Semesteranfangsparty last night, and so we met at 8. Keeping within the theme of "traditional dish or drink from your home country", I of course had no good ideas, since Americans don't have any traditions. So I ended up making a macaroni and cheese casserole, which turned out surprisingly good considering I had no cheddar cheese, because Germans don't sell it, I guess. It was a hit after the party, when people trickeled in from 2 to 3 AM and, hungry, were directed by me to the mac & cheese. I was going to eat it today for lunch but it was far more satisfying watching my German friends enjoy a very American dish. The other American that was there made devilled eggs, which were also very good, but we couldn't figure out how to explain them as we were making them. The translation we came up with was "verteufelte Eier", which doesn't really make sense, but "devilled eggs" doesn't really, either, now does it? So anyway, we have a kitchen full of bottles and dirty dishes and pans, so I'll so see if they need my assistance.


I feel like an ass. I am so sorry.

I just didn't know how else to do it. And now that it's been done...

Can I take it back?

I never want to keep anything from you.


i love germany
I was going to post something clever but my internet is taking freakin' forever right now, and the effect is that I forgot what I was going to say. You happy now, ethernet???

Laundry's finally done. I started thinking about doing it a week ago, started it Saturday, and finished ironing it about 30 minutes ago, 7:30 on Monday night. Wonderful... is it going to be like this every time I need clean clothes?

The semester started today, but none of my classes meet for the first time until next week. Kinda odd, but that's the way it goes, I guess.

I realized today that I've had a relapse. I'm better now.

I'm gonna hit the "post" button now, and we'll see how long it actually takes to publish these thoughts to the world.